How to maintain your computer

You should think about the cleaning of your computer from two perspectives: the hardware and the software. You will find below our advices to preserve your computer in the best shape possible.


Dust is the number-one enemy. Its accumulation, greatly diminishes your computer’s capacity to dissipate heat; thus raising the fans’ speed, thus your computer being noisier and attracting more dust; thus diminishing your computer’s heat-dissipating capacity; and so on.

There will always be some dust in a computer. Ours are designed to minimize this phenomenon as much as possible, notably by the presence of filters on the ventilation, but a real solution to fend off this doesn’t exist (yet).

Try to keep your workplace as clean as possible. If you clean regularly a quick dusting can suffice.

Be careful if you are using a vacuum directly in the computer: the connections can easily get caught in the suction hose which could damage the connectors.


The “software fouling” like dust is inevitable once you start using your computer (with or without connection to the internet). Hidden temporary files that are not removed, installing and uninstalling programs, updating your computer can leave unwanted data, register keys, etc.

To fix this, we are recommending you use these free programs in this specific order.

Caution: using these programs is absolutely not a cure-all and it will not get rid of more serious problems (virus, etc). It is mainly preventive measures and in case of serious problems, it may be necessary to use more complex and/or more complicated solutions (anti-virus scans, in-depths tweaks, reinstalling your operating system, etc).


This program will quickly clear your computer of many undesirable ad-softwares. It’s one of the most usefull tool to clean a PC we have seen in a few years..

After restarting the computer, you can use the next program.


This software clears off a lot of temporally files, being stored by internet browsers. Don’t hesitate to do it several times in a row.

In the “register” section, you can proceed to an important cleaning of all the possible traces that have been left by programs during (un)installations. Once again, don’t hesitate to repeat this operation several times.

Malwarebyte’s Antimalware

This program is not always needed, but it helps to go further in the cleaning (or just to make sure) . You can just use it from time to time after you have done the first two. First, because the analysis can take quite some time. Secondly, the targeted elements aren’t necessary as frequent as those previously targeted.


These programs’ frequency of use depends on the way you are using your computer. Overall, the more you are using the internet, the more it will be useful to use these frequently, more so the first two programs.

The best solution is to adjust the frequency according to the results you get.

If you need more help to clean your computer, feel free to contact us !

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  1. I never took into consideration how much dust can get into a computer from all different ways; having the fan overworked, to vacuuming near the computer. I’ve never had my laptop cleaned and don’t pay attention to dust collecting within it. Are there services available that will clean computers/ laptops and free them of dust and debris?

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